Who is a buyer for technology company?

Buyers for a technology companyToday’s technology innovation is tomorrow’s commodity. A technology brand needs to translate the complex technology features to benefits customers can embrace.

A technology services / product company needs to talk to a wide range of audience. This is possible through digital since all the buyers, be it internal OR external to the organization are great consumers of internet for information.

A technology brand talks to wide range of audiences-

The Economic Buyer – Looking for information on price, maintenance costs etc

The Technical Buyer – Looking for information about quality, manufacturing, sourcing, etc

The User Buyer – Looking for information on what the product can do, what support is available, why this is the best for them

The Coach Buyer – This is the Manager with influence so needs information to stress how indispensible your product is to their company

The Investor – The technology is going to solve an issue in the current market and will get great returns on the investment

Existing and Prospective Employees – Creating a desire among the aspirants and creating a sense of belonging to the existing team

Existing and Prospective Partners – Know about the company’s existing portfolio and upcoming solutions

Content marketing for Technology Company

While we consider the customers for a B2B technology firm we look at the following profiles while creating content.

Awareness >> Consideration >> Purchase >> Expansion

Whom are we targeting through content?

Your site needs to be able to engage different people within different departments who require different information. You need to sell the solution not just the product.

When developing your marketing strategy there are 4 key areas you need to focus your efforts on

Audience – Whom are you selling to?

Keywords – Are you being found by the right people at the right time?

Content – What does your collateral say about you?

Community – Are people linking to you?

At Paarami we focus on the above factors. That’s a success factor for you and so is for us.

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