What is your marketing objective this year?

Marketing objectives to achieve through Digital MarketingThanks to all those prospects and clients who spent time with us discussing their requirements. Thought of consolidating all for the benefit of rest.

The purpose of this document is to share a checklist with all those who are inviting Digital Marketing Agencies for handling their marketing for this year.

Listing down different requirements of companies

  1. How to identify the right mix of our product offerings
  2. Many Products and Many offerings, what is the right strategy to promote
  3. Not clear of Go to market strategy
  4. Budget is low how to optimize it
  5. How to promote our expertise in the market
  6. Need a Process for
    • Attracting Traffic
    • Capture Leads
    • Nurture Prospect
    • Convert Sales
    • Feedbacks
    • Up-Sells
    • Get Referrals / Referral management
  7. We have many trials but no conversion happening
  8. How to nurture the lead
  9. We don’t know who all need our services, we should go with the consultants
  10. How to attract more partners to promote our product and services
  11. How do I build a rapport with my top 200 buyers
  12. We had received some leads in the past but no follow up with those?
  13. Could not convert the leads received from the online media
  14. How to price our product
  15. Geography specific marketing OR can we want leads from a specific demographics
  16. Want to build affiliates for our business
  17. How to run a successful partner engagement program
  18. How to reach to right target group on social media
  19. How do we become a brand through our content or brand marketing
  20. Defining the right roles and responsibilities of in house Marketing team and Digital Agency
  21. Which are the popular places on internet to market our brand
  22. Which are the places which fetch us the most ROI

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