How to Use Facebook for Mobile Marketing

How to Use Facebook for Mobile MarketingA smart phone is no more a luxury but necessity. A smart phone is used not only to talk but to message, access emails, read eBooks, download various apps and the best is to socialize Social. According to 2011 market census, more people bought a ‘SMARTPHONE’ than a desktop PC. One in seven searches is done on mobile phones. There are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions globally.

Facebook mobile App

Around 1.08 billion people use Facebook on their smart phones including Androids and iPhones. 550+ million people use Facebook Mobile App. Facebook mobile use is increasing than desktop use. You can carry your world with you with smart phones. The time spent on Facebook mobile site ( or mobile app has surpassed the time spent on Facebook actual Website on desktops and laptops.

As per Facebook user analytics, it has divided its visitors in certain ages which includes teenagers, in 30s, and above 30 plus. 60% people in the age group of 18-34 use Facebook more on mobile devices.

The Facebook Mobile is ranked #3 most downloaded app in iPhones and #4 most downloaded app in Androids.

Lead generation on Facebook Mobile

Facebook is a social media network that is used worldwide. But while posting a message on Facebook we should keep in mind that the post must be easily visible for especially mobile users. So prepare a Facebook Marketing Strategy for Mobile to post and generate leads through Facebook.

Following things should be kept in mind for a perfect mobile strategy:

  • Status updates should not me more than 2 lines. As a text post only first two lines are visible. So your topic should come in that two lines and more people can view. As long paragraphs will turn mobile users away from your content.
  • Links should be small and easy to click. Bitly gives you that function of shortening your URLs. So it looks clear.
  • Now it’s the time for post. Big images and graphics sometimes are not properly displayed on small smart phones. So images should be posted in a proper image size that is easily visible with good quality of the image.

Optimize for Facebook Mobile

Optimize your Facebook content for mobile; it is an important aspect in Facebook marketing. Facebook mobile platform is very friendly with the mobile users. Users can see their notifications and find various companies easily.

60% of customers who visit a website that’s not mobile friendly create a mindset that the website is cheap. So we should make our content mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Website

When you give a link in your post that drives visitor to your website, which is not mobile friendly, he will find it difficult to read your content as your website is not mobile friendly. So he’ll leave your site and might not click ever again on your post links. So be sure that you have a mobile friendly website!

Optimize your website for Mobile Marketing Strategy

1) Mobile App
If your business organization has a mobile app, make it easy for people to download it.

2) Click to Call
62% users prefer to call the businesses to enquire about services. So don’t forget to add a click to call button on your mobile website.

3) Contact Forms
Try to put contact forms as short as possible. As it’s a mobile, so less clicks, scrolling and typing is good for the user.

4) Search Bar
Some people don’t want to read your whole website. So search bar helps the visitor to find the relevant content as he wants. Provide a search bar in header.

5) Fit to Screen
Your mobile website should fit to screen of every phone. 76% of mobile site users do not want to scroll left to right in order to see mobile content.
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