Top 6 ideas to create your Business Videos!


Most of the businesses now are taking up to digital marketing to mark their presence amongst their 21st century customers.

And videos are the one of the most loved fads amongst people now!

Be it facebook, linkedin, Pinterest & Instagram.  Videos are ruling the digital media world!

Many of the top brands like Redbull, Coca-cola, Lego, etc have taken to videos and video marketing to promote their products. They keep their viewers intact with updates.

You too can use videos of your business to market your products. But what kind of videos will be perfect for your business?

This depends on your business of course!

Say if you have a Pest control business. So what kind of videos will you create?

In this case, talking directly about the product won’t interest anyone. No one will be interested in your pest products when they have so many interesting videos to view.

So here, you can create your business videos indirectly related around:

  • Importance: Why is pest controlling important. You can create videos around what would happen to your houses, surroundings, offices, godowns, etc without pest controlling. These types of videos give knowledge as well create awareness about the product.
  • Testimonials: You can create testimonial videos from your existing customers. Take their feedback video about your service and post it on your channel.
  • Before and After Story: Go to different genre of customers and create different testimonials. Create it like a story, what was the situation before pest controllers arrived, what problems they were facing, how you helped them to cope up with the problem, you can also mention different products used for different customers, what was the result and are they happy with your service. You can include more points and create videos.
  • Tell your story. You can create a video where in you are telling your story, how as a brand you grew and made an unmatchable presence in the market or what inspired you to set up this business. It helps in branding your product.
  • General Information: Videos around safety measures to avoid pests in the surroundings or houses can be good too.
  • Comic Touch: And yes, if possible add a comic touch to some of your business videos. Keep them realistic so that viewers can relate to it.

Here’s how we helped a Health Insurance Specialist with business videos. Have a look at the different types of videos created:

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