Facebook Marketing FAQs for Business Owners

Facebook Marketing FAQs for Business OwnersSocial media marketing is a very popular channel of digital marketing today. Word of mouth publicity has always been effective way of getting referral customers. Social media is the digital version of the same and works on similar principles. If you are willing to grow your business through online marketing, you can’t do away with social media marketing. Facebook marketing is no more a buzz, but a serious business which requires thoughtfully crafted strategy, meticulous planning and persistent implementation efforts.

Facebook is the social media giant today; while others like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram are also very popular. If you are a business owner, surely you want to cash in on Facebook marketing’s popularity but might have too many questions to start. Here are quick answers to some of frequently asked questions about Facebook Marketing.

To check if Facebook marketing can help your business grow you first have to define your buyer persona. Who is going to buy your services/products? Where does he reside? Can he afford by product/service? What is his age, gender and educational qualification? A carefully defined buyer persona helps product segmentation and positioning. A quick resource to define buyer persona is available here. Once you complete this exercise just check if the kind of audience you are looking for is available on Facebook. If yes then marketing your business on Facebook will not only help you improve your brand visibility but also convert sales leads.
It is not easy to find Facebook user demographics data. Some of the resources are:
More accurate way is Facebook Groups. Search for groups matching your customer’s buyer persona. For example, if you sell wooden products for senior citizens, find out Facebook groups having senior citizens as members or targeted towards that age group. You can easily identify right group by name or group description, for example https://www.facebook.com/groups/scitizen/. If you find many of such groups, you have pretty large audience on Facebook waiting for your services.
Facebook is social platform to connect people. But now it has also became a business platform for small to big organizations, shops to companies and lots more. Facebook has divided its audience in different age groups which helps in targeting your customers. As shown below in the image.

audience in different age groups

As shown in the image it clearly shows the types of audiences in specific age groups like people in the age group of 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 65+. So you can target your product according to your type of audience for more business opportunities.

Now! If you are marketing your business online, you can’t afford not to have a Facebook page for your business. Around 1.23 Billion are monthly active visitors on Facebook. Your Facebook page can teach you more about not only your target audience – location, age group, buying habits, interests, social influence – but also how to target your customers. You can put your business in front of your customers every day through Facebook. Post about your products, services, offers daily by direct communicating with your customers. Your competition may already have a Facebook business page so don’t you?
Facebook is the best platform for B2C products & services like fashion, apparels & accessories, food, health & fitness, e-commerce & education and many more. Products & services with visual appeal are better suited to be promoted on Facebook. As a seller, one can directly showcase his products on his Facebook page and have a direct communication with his customers through Facebook.
In Facebook, one (business owner) creates his personal account and that is the only account that’s required. Facebook does not support business profiles like Pinterest but only Business/ Company pages created through personal accounts. Personal account owner administrates & manages the page. But any other Facebook user would not know who is the owner of the page and just sees the page details. One can have multiple business and/or social pages through a single personal account.
Follow following steps:

  • Create Facebook company page.
  • Complete the business profile and add products & services.
  • Invite friends & family members on Facebook.
  • Join relevant groups suitable to your business, but no spamming.
  • Post regularly on your Facebook company page about products, services, offers & discounts, customer educational tips, industry news, client testimonials, awards & accolades, etc
  • Promote posts among connections and groups.
  • Posts polls, quizzes and surveys to boost engagement.
  • Get people talk about your company page, make them like, share and comment on your post.
  • To boost visibility go for Facebook Ads.
  • Monitor Facebook insights to measure your performance – what’s working and what’s not.
‘Facebook Insights’ helps to measure your performance. It tells about your audience, how people are reacting to your post messages and much more.

Facebook Insights

Facebook provides special features for business pages like Various Apps, Likes section, Notes, Events, Facebook Insights, URL shortener, Hash tags, Graph Search and latest number of Call-to-Action options.
It’s free to promote your business on Facebook if you are doing it yourself. You can also use Facebook Ads for marketing your business which is paid advertisement.

paid advertisement

A hash tag (#) before a particular word makes it clickable and helps in instant searches. It helps people to find posts about topics/products/service they’re interested in. To make a hash tag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase

#hashtags can be used for businesses

Facebook is a fast growing social platforms; Facebook users will soon reach to 2 billion active users. So Facebook Marketing of your business should be an ongoing process. Facebook marketing is not only about promotions & visibility to acquire new customers but it also helps in getting early feedback, reviews, testimonials, loyalty from existing customers. Longer your business on Facebook it will get more interactions, likes, shares & overall engagement. It brings in sustainability to your online marketing efforts.
You can bring visitors to your website through Facebook. Complete you business page profile with details including website URL. Post good quality images with engaging content, do not forget to include a link to your website or blog in your posts. Always highlights post. Get maximum likes, shares and clicks by your facebook community. Create Facebook Ads to increase website traffic.
Yes! You can sell products on Facebook by using ecommerce Facebook apps even if you don’t have a ecommerce website.
Yes, you can! Facebook marketing requires skill set of effective content writing & graphic designing. Most critical part of Facebook marketing is what to post and when to post – and there comes the Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook marketing strategy determines – whom to target, when and how, content theme & schedule to follow, Should we do Facebook Ads? When and for how long? How to optimize Facebook Ads for maximum ROI? These are some of the questions that should be answered while undertaking Facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing is not as simple as it sounds. It is a game of strategy, planning & persistence. If you are well equipped with all the skill sets and time requirement it demands you are set to go. Else it is always better to hire a professional social media marketing agency.

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