SEO Services pricing models of a SEO company

SEO-services-pricing-modelsIt is said and proven that SEO is the highest ROI generating digital marketing tool today and it will keep evolving. For businesses, it is no longer a question of whether to do SEO or not, but more so how much to spend on SEO services.

If you are searching for a SEO agency and approach them with this question, you will observe that quotes submitted by these expert SEO companies are poles apart from each other. This striking difference is mainly because the service rendered is dependent on many influencing factors like:

  • SEO agency’s understanding of your SEO requirements & objectives
  • Estimated Timeline to achieve the objectives
  • SEO approach to follow
  • Content writing support
  • Social media support
  • Reputation and popularity of the SEO agency
  • SEO reporting and communication requirement

No matter what quote is there are mainly 3 SEO services pricing models to engage with a SEO company.

  1. Monthly Retainer – This is the most preferable model for any SEO company. In this model, clients pay a fixed amount each month for an agreed-upon array of SEO services.
  2. Project Based fixed pricing – Statistics show that it is most widely used working model by a SEO company. There are fixed set of services to complete within a predefined timeline on agreed fixed price.
  3. Hourly pricing – In this model SEO Company charges an hourly fee in exchange for SEO services or consultation. Client pays only for hours clocked.

As you observe there is no commitment for results offered in any of these pricing models offered by SEO companies. SEO is a process of continuous optimization to improve your website ranking and traffic. No well reputed SEO company will promise you #1 rank in Google for a long time. Because ranking changes as SEO efforts change. Therefore SEO is an ongoing process which needs to be fed through as long as you want results.

Still there are few SEO companies which offer outcome based pricing models like

Lead based pricing – Client pays to SEO Company per lead generated through SEO efforts.
Amount could be fixed or variable (i.e. certain % of deal value). Most of the time SEO companies
offering such pricing models are digital marketing companies which offer end to end services
starting from web development to social media, affiliate, blog, mobile marketing, etc.

Now having understood different SEO services pricing models offered by SEO companies let us explore
which is the best model for you. It solely depends upon which SEO phase you are in. Whether you have just launched your website or fine tuning your digital marketing efforts, your choice of pricing model will be determined as below:

PhaseDescriptionActivitiesPricing ModelDuration
Setup phase Starting with SEO nactivitiesExisting site audit, nreview & changes, nkeyword researchProject based nfixed pricing 15 days to 2 nmonths
Ramp up phaseSetup is done; nstart with full nfledged SEOLong term SEO plan, non-site content nimprovements, link nbuilding and noptimization, content ncreation, Forum, blog & nsocial media ncommenting, regular nanalytics reportsMonthly retainer-ship6 to 12 months
Review phase Aggressive SEO is done; time to pause and review SEO strategy.nIt could be done by SEO company itself or a third party SEO consultant.nSEO Strategy reviewHourly consulting8-10 hours per month

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