SEO Best practices and Malpractices

SEOToday millions of websites exist on Internet. But only thousands of websites get accessed by users. Why? Because of website’s appeal and it is useful to end user. And one of the critical factor of enhanced accessibility of these websites is that they are SEO friendly. Here comes the difference between general and SEO optimized websites.

Standard website follows white hat SEO techniques i.e. SEO’s best practices and some of them are as follow:

Appealing layout and design

We all like appealing design, don’t we? That’s the first key to impress our visitor. Site’s design and colour combination constituents towards website’s appeal. This mainly includes your website’s usability. It includes site accessibility, identity, navigation and content presentation.

Smooth navigation

Once user enters on site, then navigation has to be easy and clear. It gives good browsing experience.  Confusing site navigation will curtail his interest and increase the bounce rate on the website. Importance of Sitemaps is often ignored, but it guides website visitors through navigation. It gives idea of which pages are there on site and makes search easy for user.

Engaging content

Content, whether it is text, audio, video, images or infographic; catchy content will make user to stay on website longer. If website content answers visitors query and offers appropriate solutions, he will not only remain on your website the probability of him converting into a customer also increases.

Relevant meta analysis

By looking at ebpage title and description in search results on Google, visitor clicks on ebpage link and visits the website. He should get relevant information on ebpage to proceed further.

Image SEO

Optimized images make webpage more valuable. Images are resized by maintaining its quality and giving appropriate Title and Alt Text to image.

Right anchor text

Anchor text makes navigation within website content easy for visitor. Right anchor text will help user to navigate the site and get required input from website.

After following these best SEO practices, no doubt your website will be at the top position in search engine results. Some people go in opposite direction to be at top in search engine and follow malpractices of SEO i.e. black hat SEO techniques. Some of them are as given below:

  1. Keyword stuffing : Inserting lots of keyword in content
  2. Invisible text : Inserting invisible list of keywords on a webpage
  3. Cloaking: Cloaking is displaying content of same webpage differently to search engines and human visitor i.e. 2 versions of webpage re created for user and search engine using scripting techniques.
  4. Doorway pages:  Designing webpage for high ranking in search engines by keyword stuffing on wbpage. Once a user clicks on this page link, it redirects to different webpage which is not relevant.

Result of Black hat SEO technique is Google removes these websites from search engine results. Paarami, SEO agency in Mumbai, follows white hat SEO techniques and make your website and business visible at top position in Google to your target audience.

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