Does your resort really need a mobile website?

Scanning advertising with QR code on mobile smart phone
May be NO or may be YES.
Everyone is talking about surge in Smartphone usage and importance of having mobile website for a business. But only YOU are the right person to decide what best suits your type of business.

Answer below 5 questions and decide for yourself.

1. How is 2G, 3G mobile internet connectivity where your target customer resides?
Smartphone sales have increased many folds in recent years even in rural areas but not the 2G & 3G mobile internet coverage. Lack of infrastructure has crippled the mobile internet technology which otherwise would have opened up inaccessible markets leading to a new consumer revolution.

If the geography your target customer belongs to has no or poor 2G, 3G connectivity, a mobile website for your resort is a clear NO NO. You can skip reading further…

2. What time of the day your target customer is likely to search for your resort?

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Night

Guessing that people would plan for their leisure activities when they are relaxed and not during morning hush hush is a no brainer.

A study conducted by Google shows that volume of leisure and travel related searches online is 58% more at evenings and night than in first half of the day. Apparently study also shows that use of mobile devices and tablets is 40% more than that of desktops/laptops at evenings & night.

What do you think what device would your target customer be using while planning for a vacation or while relaxing after dinner with family?

3. While online, how your target customer is likely to land up on your website?

  1. Directly to your website homepage by hitting website url in address bar – This is likely in case of a repeat customer or someone who has been referred by a happy customer. Website appearance might not matter much then; customer may have come to site looking for your contact number. You better provide it handy to them.
  2. Spotting your website url mentioned on promotional materials like Emails, Print, Outdoor & TV Advertisements and social media referrals. Your target customer is landing on your website first time; more likely on a mobile device. This is your chance to impress them at first glance. What would work magic – a desktop site with painstaking zoom in/out OR a mobile optimized version ready to serve at best.
  3. Through Google Search your target customer has most probably not heard of you but decided to visit your city. With a Smartphone in hand he is searching for resorts in your city while travelling back home and enjoying music on a Friday evening. How likely it is that he will find you on first page of Google search results?

    Google prefers mobile optimized websites for mobile searches and ranks them higher than non-optimized websites. Even if you have no 1 ranking on Google desktop searches that might not be the case on mobile. Do check once!

  4. Through Travel sites like Trip Advisor, Expedia, Travelocity, Make My Trip, Cleartrip, Yatra etc.
    Travel sites like Trip Advisor are highly trusted information sources while planning a vacation. Even you and I do the same. Do you remember visiting their website on your Smartphone? We might initiate our travel research on desktop/laptop but later on prefer to refer them on our Smartphone for quick bites like contact numbers, more reviews and follow on research etc.

Travel websites like Trip Advisor do consistent research on their website visitor habits because their sole business is to provide relevant information to visitors in quick and easy ways. Travel sites are the best examples of mobile websites. We continue visiting their sites repeatedly because we like their simplicity and every time we get what we want quickly and easily.

Would you like to give your target customer the same user experience when they land up on your resort’s website after reading so many good reviews on TripAdvisor?

4. How your target customer prefers to contact you for enquiry or booking?

  • Phone Call
  • Email
  • Contact / Drop Enquiry Form on website
  • Book Online

Do you know what the biggest hurdle in visitor conversion is? As human beings, we tend to postpone things. Therefore even after zeroing down on your resort after browsing on his laptop, your target customer might delay contacting you because he is too lazy/ busy to pick up his phone & dial your number.

A smart phone overcomes this hurdle with its compelling one touch click-to-call and click-to-email functionalities. Google reports that 55% of mobile search conversions (phone call or booking) happen within an hour.

5. How many of your competitors have a mobile website?

  • All/ Many – Good. You must have a mobile website to remain competitive.
  • Few/ None – Good. You have an opportunity to be early mover in your industry and catch hold of all those searching for you on their latest smart phones.

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