Quick Steps to design Customer Experience

Customer Experience How to design a customer experience? What are the steps to follow to design a customer experience? How do we cause repeat customers in our resort? In this article we have attempted to share with you some tips and steps, which help you get these answers.
Continuing with our last article on marketing through operational excellence here we share some tips to designing your guest experience.

Step 1 | Identify customer interaction checkpoints

Find out the check points where customer interaction happens and design the customer experience at every point.
So his experience on your website could be one of the checkpoint, his interaction with your marketing team handling social media could be another checkpoint, his interaction with your inbound sale agent could be another interaction and so on

Step 2 | Identify value enhancers & value destroyers

Find out which are the value enhancers and value destroyers among all the points
This is an interesting process. A mobile website could be a value enhancer, a courteous and loving staff could be a value enhancer whereas a membership sales agent at the entrance of the resort could be a value destroyer, anybody walk-in policy could be a value destroyer if you are running a premium property and guests don’t want anybody to walk in the resort while they are enjoying their stay.

Step 3 | Take customer feedback to measure the success

Make customers your partners. It’s the world of marketing 3.0 and unless your customers don’t become your partners you will not enjoy a fast growth. Take their feedback and suggestions.
Studies have shown that up to 85% of customers want to share ideas and insights for improvements, but half of them don’t feel encouraged to speak up and share.
The companies like Starbucks follow this wonderfully. Starbucks started MyStarbucksIdea. It’s a site that allows consumers to go online, share their ideas for changes that would improve their customer experience (and loyalty!) and can also vote on other’s ideas.

Step 4 | Work on customer feedback

Taking the feedback is not enough. 99% of ideas shared in a community are never looked at or implemented. Work on customer feedback and let them know that you have acted upon their recommendation. Partner them in improving the experience. You will win for sure!!!!
I was sitting at my home when I received a call from Marketing Manager of the restaurant I visited couple of days back. They had acted upon a suggestion I had given to them. I was glad to hear that. Now whenever I make a plan to eat out its likely that I would go to the same place for experiencing the new changes & to enjoy that special treatment.

What if you follow this in your resort / restaurant?