Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Every Hotel & Resorts


If you are an hotelier or a resort owner and need to step up on your existing marketing strategies, then the digital realm may have some smart plans for you. In the present internet fuelled times, it is important for any hospitality business to try digital marketing as it reaches a wider range of audience and impacts the credibility of any place.

Digital marketing is a great way to save your big portion of commission that usually goes out to commission agents and also a big step in your brand management.

Here are a few challenges that are commonly faced by the hospitality industry and how digital marketing can help tackle those with a smart approach:

Lack of credibility:

The rules of the travel game have changed. These days’ people make sure that they read sufficient hotel reviews and check customer ratings before booking a room in a hotel. So if you lose out on creating an impression on a prospective guest, you lose out on a customer as well as a positive word of mouth. This makes it very important for a hotel owner to maintain credibility among customers and offer services that bring customer satisfaction.

Lack of visibility of your hotel / resort to customers

Unless you are on the radar on a customer looking for a hotel in a location, you cannot attract him for your services. A hotel or resort located in an offbeat location with excellent amenities, services and pricing might remain hidden away from plain sight of travellers and thus lose out on guests. That’s where it becomes crucial for the hotel to be visible to the right audience at the right time and right place.

Hotel or resort occupancy issues

The hotel business depends a lot on the seasonal bookings as that is the time when they expect most customers. However, most hoteliers face problems in maintaining the occupancy rate throughout the year. A hotel nestled among the hill stations may find it difficult to get customers before and after the peak time of early winters while a hotel near a beach may face challenges to run packed rooms during monsoon.

Lack of knowledge of buyer persona

It is absolutely vital for the hotel to identity the type of the consumer or the buyer persona they are serving before diving into the digital marketing process.  You cannot offer the packages of a couple stay to a person expecting corporate conference room or give a banquet hall to someone expecting a penthouse. Therefore, it is important to define the set of consumers you want to target.

Customers not aware of your exceptional features

If you wish to create a bond with your guests and impress them onto giving your great reviews on booking sites then you must go that extra mile. A mere occasional update about your features on the social media will not work.

How digital marketing can help you:

Get feedback and showcase them:

You can cordially request your guests to give testimonials on your website and write positive reviews on hotel searching communities if they are pleased with your services. Listing your high profile clients on the website will also create a positive impression and boost your credibility. Engage your customers in little talks and impress them to like your Facebook page and review you well on travel and booking sites.

List your business on popular search engines

You can make your hotel more visible by listing it on Google search and supporting it with partnerships with online booking sites. Affiliation with booking websites like MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo and Yatra could be rewarding for your hotel in terms of getting more bookings and reaching out to maximum audience. You can go for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get your hotel or resort in top Google search ranking.

Email lists can help you offer exciting deals to select customers

Digital marketing can come to rescue and help you sustain the flow of guests throughout the year. You can maintain a mailing list of your guests and send them loyalty coupons and offers to excite them for a stay even during the no peak season. Reference programs for existing customers are a great way to tap into new prospects and expand your customer base. Having a well-defined and relevant email marketing campaign that list out the features of your hotel and has ample pictures of the place with testimonials to support your claim is great way to get customers all over the year.

Offer discounts during off seasons and promote them online

To attract occupancies and booking in off season, hotel and resorts owners should give discounts and offers. You need to be competitive in pricing also and give reasons for customers to choose you over competitors. The next step is to reach out to them on the right online channels – through banner ads, blogs, social media posts, online ads, email marketing, etc. Digital marketing can help you target your customer in various segments and help you gain off season occupancy.

Share photos and videos of your business on the internet

Hotels and resorts that use social media to address guest concerns and service requests, share promotional offers, post pictures and videos from events,  restaurants, room service, family photos of guests enjoying their stay and other events enjoy a higher acceptability among digital consumers.  You can promote them with social media advertisements and other channels. This will help you create a special bond and keep you on top of a consumer’s mind the next time they book a hotel in your location.

What should a hotel/resort owner expect from Digital Marketing?

As all good things take time so does brand building. Here’s what you can expect from digital marketing for your set up –

  • It takes at least 3 months of concentrated digital marketing efforts to show results. It requires preparation – website with the right content, search engine listing and SEO, selecting the right social media channels, finalizing the content plan, and curating the content – before digital marketing starts to deliver positive results for a hotel.
  • You also have to clearly demarcate your budget for every digital marketing activity that you want to pursue.
  • Just like any traditional marketing strategy, keep room for making small changes as and when required.
  • When done right, the results of your digital marketing efforts can yield positive revenues and hotel occupancy rates for a sustained period of time.
  • Digital consumers are very smart. They have access to all the information they need to make a decision that they feel is right for them. The information you share about your hotel, therefore, must be accurate at all times.
  • Transparency in your dealings, competitive rates and offers, package deals – everything must remain above-board to make the right impression on your prospective guests.

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