Poor Client Feedback leads to Digital Marketing Failure!

client feedback in digital marketing

Customer success involves developing a two-way mode of disseminating information ie, learning between the organization and the customer. Client feedback is a goldmine of information and as such has to be used to develop valuable business insights. And for digital marketing companies, it is no different!

Digital marketing company by virtue of their expertise in the field understand your needs and goals and chart your path towards achieving success.
While they try to achieve success by managing complex customer relationships, responding and initiating customer interactions, using big data to aid in decision-making, online ads, etc.

Things can still go wrong!

Poor Client feedback – One of the leading causes for digital marketing failure!

Digital marketing failure could be due to various reasons, but one of the major ingredient leading to failure of digital marketing work can be attributed to poor client feedback.
Yes, because it is through them, the digital teams understand areas which need improvement & augment several workflows for better results. And on basis of their feedback, the team takes significant actions on their product pricing, ads, trimming/expanding marketing budgets for specific channels, fixing certain errors or bugs and so on.
If the client expectations and the digital marketing efforts are not on the same level, then the efforts shall go in vain!

How does client feedback help? And why is it important?

Here’s the answer –

  • Client feedback will help the digital marketing team to determine the needs and preferences of the client and also elicit responses from them as to how well the team is meeting client’s expectations
    Therefore to know that efforts are meeting the expectations, client feedback is very important!
  • It helps to appropriately use, improve and channelize actions in the right directions
  • Digital marketing team can concentrate on providing products and services that the client and its end customers expect, rather than providing a perfect product or service that is not perceived with interest by the clients
  • It helps to assess how well the targets are achieved & tracking results become easier
  • It helps to cut costs, by not spending on media platforms that are not producing expected results
  • Client feedback will help the digital marketing team to make changes in the plan and devise strategies that are dynamic and attractive to the target audience of the client

With clarity in client expectations and feedback, the digital team through their analytics can advise the client about new technology that can be adopted to satisfy their customers


The digital marketing agencies act as partners who aid the client to reach their goal and not acts as a business house trying to make money using the lack of exposure and naivety of the client.
Therefore client feedback will help the digital marketing companies to fine tune their online activities and meet the common goal.