Influencer Marketing to Help Your Business in 2017!

Influencer-Marketing-in-2017Influencer marketing has become the latest buzzword for brand promotion in the industry. In today’s world of digital marketing, influencer recommendations are being increasingly seen as honest opinions of the brand or product and passionate drivers for the purchase decision.
There has been a shift in deciding the influencer status, with greater focus on ‘everyday individuals’ who are non-celebrities but have maximum social media following rather than using journalists or celebrities.

Influencer Marketing Entrenching its Foothold in 2017

Buyers of today are fed up of screen or newsprint ads, viewing them as intrusion into their life. They would rather prefer making the buying decision based on experiences of consumers similar to them; who have bought and used the product. This is influencer marketing.
The influencer’s social media following becomes the target audience for the product to be marketed.Higher the following, greater is the reach of your marketing campaign.
The immense potential of influencer marketing is definitely going to be tapped by more and more marketers in the year 2017. This is evident from the decreasing number of businesses who did not employ ‘Influencer marketing campaigns’; came down to 57% in 2016 from the high 85% in 2015 and this is expected to further reduce to 50% in 2017 as per Blogmint’s Influencer Marketing Outlook 2017.
There are influencer platforms whichhave a database of effective influencers and registering with them will enable you to pick a suitable influencer from the lot. Some names of such platforms are:

  • Influenster
  • BabbleBoxx
  • Insightpool
  • Tomoson

Best Practices to Ensure a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Follow the below mentioned practices to ensure that your influencer marketing campaign is a sure success:

1.Defining Goals:

Goals have to be laid down in clear terms as this will help you to select an appropriate influencer. If the main goal is visibility and branding then choosing a celebrity can help but if the major goal is to increase the sales volume then creating ‘buyer personas’ for your business will help. Buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your target customer and is prepared through detailed market research and actual data of your prevailing customer.

2.Appealing to the Buyer’s Sense of Authority:

A person who has an authority on the product or subject in question is chosen from among the group and he talks about it positively before the target market. This is an appeal to the buyer’s sense of authority who is persuaded to buy the product.

3.Using the Right Channels:

Using the relevant social media channels for influencer marketing is very important. Choosing among Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Facebook will depend upon the type of business that is being marketed.
Clarity on what is needed from each influencer is necessary; say whether it is for making a CTA or merely making a new announcement and then deciding which channel is best suited for that.

4.No Haggling on Compensation:

Businesses have to have their math right and not get alarmed when large sums are demanded by influencers. Businesses ought to calculate value obtained viz-a-viz the payout that will have to be made to the influencers. Set the right budget. Connecting with the right influencers is the key here.

Integrate Influencer Marketing with Your Overall Marketing Campaign:

Influencer marketing will not be effective if used as a standalone strategy. Celebrity endorsements have to be used along with subtle peer pressure, authoritative review and discount offers. The power of influencer marketing will be visible if used in combination with other digital marketing trends.


Moving into 2017, every digital marketing company is going to focus on influencer marketing as a tool to be used in the marketing efforts for their client products.
One of the most important digital marketing tipswould be to use the right influencers to act as effective purchase decision guides for their clients’ products.