Why is it important to position your brand in this cluttered market

important-position-brand-cluttered-marketBrand positioning means creating a special place in the minds of your consumers, so that they choose your brand over others.  If you have a strong brand presence in the market, it means people are ready to buy from you, are willing to pay a premium for your products or services and most importantly, you earn their loyalty.

In today’s cluttered market, where brands are fighting to find a foothold in the market and consumers are bombarded with 2000 to 5000 promotional messages in a day, brand positioning assumes great importance.

Business owners and corporates can actually decide on what exactly they want their brand to reflect. Therefore, a lot of thought process and research must be done before deciding on to your positioning strategy.

Interestingly, brand positioning is not about your products, it is about how you want your customers to perceive it.

Here are the steps towards identifying your place in the market:

Identifying Your USP

If millions of business owners are selling the same products, why should people by your products? What it is that your brand does that others don’t? That’s identifying your Unique Selling Point. A unique advantage that only your brand offers. It could be unique manufacturing process, raw materials, eco-friendliness, quality, delivery, product packaging, energy saving etc.

Most importantly, your USP must be conveyed in a way that your consumers can relate to.

For example: A 5 star refrigerator can result in greater savings than similar products by other brands. This becomes the USP of the refrigerator.

Identifying your current brand position in the market:

At times, businesses may not have a well spelt out strategy and yet the brand has a name in the market.  The following questions will help identify the current brand position:

  • How does your brand differ from the other brands vis-à-vis quality, value, pricing, ingredients etc
  • Are you able to convey these differences to your customers effectively?
  • How does the current brand positioning identify with the customers perceptions?
  • What are the growth prospects with current brand positioning?
  • How does your brand different from other brands?
  • Do customers trust your brand?
  • Does your brand deliver what it promises?

If your current brand position aligns with the your USP’s then you should think of taking it further, otherwise you need to recreate your positioning in the market.

Let’s see how you can strengthen your brand positioning:

Identify the Need

You must identify the need or the solution your brand offers. For example- If you are producing an organic health drink, you must educate your target audience as to why they absolutely MUST buy your product. Show them their problems and then give them the key to the solution.

Focus on what you want the brand to convey

Your overall brand message should align with your brand positioning. Else, it will go off track and the message will not derive the desired impact.

For example- If your brand is a luxury item that speaks for quality and targets the high end society, then your brand message should certainly not talk about savings.

If you do so, then you’ll be wasting your efforts in getting across the message. So, all your brand positioning efforts should be focused to the core strengths and values and the marketing should be aligned across the board.

Role of Digital Marketing in Strengthening Brand position:

Digital marketing agencies bring with them a wholesome experience and hence they employ a digital centric approach in strengthening brand position.

By digital centric, it means that the strategy they plan to use will be sketched keeping in view all digital media including  search marketing, social media, mobile marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, rich media etc. All the media efforts will then be concentrated, thus driving an integrated effort by the digital marketing company.

The digital marketing company actively works towards creating an awareness in the customers about the brand existence and its perception. For this, the digital marketing agencies work on each step of the product, right from naming it (in case of a new product) in such a way that it is easy for the customers to name , pronounce and remember, crafting promotional message  to ensuring that the product gets connected with the audience across multiple platforms and finally ensuring that the brand gets enough coverage across the platforms.

With that being said, it is imperative that designing a successful brand positioning technique is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can often become a daunting task and needs continuous efforts. You need to take help of one of the top digital marketing companies to strengthen your brand position.

The strategies implemented by digital marketing company have to be consistently followed across all advertising media on ongoing basis to see results.