How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development

LinkedIn For Business Development Most people still look at LinkedIn as an effective tool to look for prospective employers and employees, but as several online media gurus have been saying all along, it is true that if one knows how to use LinkedIn for marketing your business can yield phenomenal results.

If you are still not completely taken up with the idea of using Linkedin for business, it is time for you to wake up to some facts.

Josh Turner, the expert who practically makes a living through LinkedIn, is a living example of how LinkedIn can be used for business development. He has worked on several successful marketing campaigns that used LinkedIn as their platform.

And why not, he says. LinkedIn has over 200 million members, which statistically may be way behind certain other popular social media such as Facebook, has some phenomenally powerful network reach that is unparalleled. So if you want exposure with the people who actually hold the power to influence the market in favor of your product, LinkedIn sure gives you a good shot at it.

So, What Must You Do To Harness Its Power For Business Development?

Simple, uncomplicated things actually!

  • Build a good profile. Try to make it as complete as possible and make sure that you give it a face with a clearly identifiable profile picture.
  • Effective headlines always make a difference, but with a professional site such as LinkedIn, it pays not to be too cute with your creativity. Despite whatever punch line you choose, be sure to mention your company and designation.
  • When placing links to your website, be sure to use optimized keywords. backlinks to your website or blog through LinkedIn will help create great SEO value.
  • Create a relevant contact network and keep the contacts updated. Every few months, make it a point to go through your recommendation and stick to adding contacts that are relevant.

Building a network is extremely crucial to the success of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. What you really need to work on, is grabbing the eyeballs of influential people in order for your campaigns to work.

When sending out invitations, adding a personal note adds that extra edge towards creating an impression.

  • Join groups that pertain to your business or interests and be sure to interact with them frequently. For LinkedIn to work in your favor, just having a great profile doesn’t help.

What helps, is regular interaction and an effort towards building rapport with general people, prospective customers and possible marketers.

Once you have these basics in place, you are ready to roll. All you need is a planned content marketing strategy that is consistent, relevant and compelling. By integrating your LinkedIn profile with your strategic marketing plan, you can ensure that you convert leads to real business development.

The trick then lies in:

  • Regular status updates that help connect and build rapport
  • Harnessing the power of recommendations for effective business developments
  • And maintaining group connectivity to be closer to a specific target audience.

Goodluck with your business development endeavor! The more you get on LinkedIn, the more your will learn of its secrets and start believing in its phenomenal potential to help your business grow.

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