How To Manage LinkedIn Company Profile

Manage LinkedIn Company Profile We all have had profiles on LinkedIn with photos in the crispest of formal shirts, built with an outlook of looking for better job opportunities. Yet, a corporation or company too can do really well for itself by getting out on LinkedIn with a fab company profile.

See, statistically, about half of all the company followers on LinkedIn state that they are more likely to buy products or services from a company that they regularly interact with. There are two derivatives from this statistic

  • That your company can certainly benefit from its LinkedIn presence, and
  • By providing regular interactions and building rapport with prospective customers and clients, you can even steer them towards being your company regulars.

But how does all this really unfold. Well first and foremost, you need to setup your LinkedIn company page, of course. And then, you need a content curator to create an engaging LinkedIn company profile.

This is easier said than done, as company profiles are way more difficult than individual profiles. In order to learn how to effectively manage LinkedIn company profiles, you need to know of a thing or two first, about how to setup your LinkedIn company page and further manage it:

(1)  The first step of course is to appoint an administrator for your LinkedIn company page. You may even choose to have an administrative team, especially if your want to delegate different roles to different people.

But having one administrator often helps to keep the account access closed off from too many people and indeed helps reduce your headaches.

(2)  Try to be as complete with building your profile as possible. Pertinent information such as the year of incorporation, locations of operation, company logo, your other social media connections such as Twitter, etc. should not be missed.

(3)  If possible, encourage all your employees to open LinkedIn profiles and make sure that you list them all out in your Company Profile. Keep track of new additions so that the list is updated and make sure to highlight all their achievements and credits.

(4)  If you have any open positions to fill, you can keep a ‘job opportunities’ section. Be sure to remove them as soon as the positions get filled too! This is also a great way to keep interactions flowing in.

(5)  Once you have established trusted contacts and regular customers ask them to post reviews and recommendations on your profile.

(6)  Keeping track of your analytics can keep you on top of any page improvement requirements to get on the right demographic pulse.

Once your are already established on LinkedIn with a company profile page, all that is left to do is follow up with regular interactions.

You could show support for the causes you (as a corporation) believe in, highlight any PR activities that you may be doing, publicize any events that you may be having or just advertise your latest products.

Posting regular status updates is a must, as it is often the best way to keep readers engaged. Encourage followers by having ‘follow us on LinkedIn’ buttons on your website and blogs as well.

Once you are on board the LinkedIn bandwagon, you can get the most out of your endeavor by keeping yourself updated on all the things you can do to optimize your presence on it. Good luck with it!

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