History of Snapchat and it’s entry into the Digital World


Just little over four years ago Snapchat, was supposedly just an idea which contextualized on human emotion “Live in the Moment” by It’s founder evan spiegel and friends. Four years later now, over 100 million downloads and 7 billion daily video views later it is one of the hottest consumer attention seeking platform for business owners competing with social media giants such as Facebook. So how does an Image messaging app get here? Let’s find out!

What is Snapchat?

The norm of the Internet age was to make and document so that the content will be digitally stored on the cloud forever. Snapchat went totally the opposite way and is predicated on reality i.e. moments are temporary. That’s exactly the feeling and behavior Snapchat is mapped into.The app lets you create temporary content in the form of photos and videos called as snaps. This snaps and snap videos last for particular period of time and then disappears, exactly mapping into the behavior of “Moments are temporary”.

How Snapchat entered into market?

With over 100 million users and 7 billion daily videos the attention arbitrage of Snapchat is huge! The main audience of Snapchat was teenagers initially in 2013.In early 2015 Snapchat launched Discover feature which really changed the game. The ‘Discover’ feature allows top media companies to share their content in the form of blogs, articles, and videos. Launch participants included CNN, National Geographic, Vice, ESPN and more.

It was a very exciting step forward for Snapchat. With this step it was obvious that they were paying attention to current trends. Using the ‘Discover’ platform, Snapchat went out and made deals that allowed them to curate some of the top content providers in the world in this one spot i.e. mobile.

Why you should join Snapchat ?

Snapchat is nearing 200 million users and has 18 brands launched as partners who are currently in space with Snapchat. This shows that Snapchat is giving them great brand equity. Now they are planning to partner with NFL (National Football League).

The white house has recently joined Snapchat! Now it is safe to assume that they are a real media property to be reckoned with.

In a nutshell, Snapchat has over 100 million users and 7 billion daily videos with expandable user and reader scope, thanks to the biggest of content creators The White House, CNN, etc.

So, now you understand why you should go for Snapchat!

Features of Snapchat Useful for Marketing:

So, now you know everything about the History of the Snapchat.

Let’s get down to the most Important part i.e. How do you use Snapchat for Marketing?

Here are some important features of Snapchat you should be aware as a marketer:


Snap is the main function of the app and it is what the disappearing photos and videos are called. You click a photo and send it directly to your friends and this snap lasts from one second to ten seconds, and then disappears.

How to create Snap?

  • Once you open Snapchat it will automatically open your front camera. You can click on the hit to take a photo
  • Once Snap image is taken you have to select time on bottom left side. You can select time from  one to ten seconds  in the time frame
  • Swipe right and left to add filters to your snaps like background, text, emoticons, etc.
  • Then you can send that snap to your friends on your friend lists by clicking on blue playlist icon on right bottom corner
  • It will be visible to the people who have followed your company on Snapchat


A story is collection of Snaps together. Unlike direct Snaps these stories last for 24 hours and can be viewed by anyone who follows your company. Though stories last up to 24 hours the snap videos added can last up to 10 seconds.

How to create story?

  • Open the Snapchat app
  • Long press and hold the hit button to create Snap videos

Instead of selecting accounts on your friend list, select the option of my story at the top and your snap story will become public to all followers.


Yup there is also Chat option in Snapchat. The chat box will appear when you swipe right on your person’s name in your direct inbox. A blue bubble appears next to someone’s name once you receive chat. Chat also disappear after being opened.


Unlike every other feature mentioned above Snapchat Discover feature is used for commercial marketing. It shows the content basically posted by non-Sanpchatters.

Snapchat discover section shows the content posted on by editorial entities such as CNN, DAILY MAIL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC –non Snap chatters. Each channel contains interactive content. You can tap on the content and open that content or channel. You can swipe, tap, scroll, read and share all the stories provided by this channels. Stories and discover are the main entertaining addition to the core messaging experience. Each channel contains 5-10 piece of content which lasts for 24 hours.So, every day new content for the readers!

So by now you must have become familiar with the basics of Snapchat. Stay glued to our blog Paarami for our upcoming article on How to use Snapchat for real estate business. Meanwhile if you have any queries about which digital media strategy is good for your business you can contact us!

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