Fix the occupancy concern!

The vacation culture is catching up in India, and people always in hunt for the best of the holiday destinations around the vicinity. Many entrepreneurs and business houses have invested in developing beautiful properties to cater to this new era. While the metro crowd dwells on the “weekend getaways”, the resort management is now troubled with the concern, how to increase weekday occupancy? Or also non-peak season occupancy??

An immediate and quick fix to this problem, is heavy investments in marketing to acquire new customers or running discount schemes. None of this is entirely wrong; we simply suggest taking a step back, analyzing the elements and then executing a focused strategy towards enhancing the occupancy of your resort forever.

Focused marketing, involves working on your strengths and connecting to the customers with the highest probability of conversion. Below are few suggested categories one can focus while crafting your resort marketing strategy:

Solution Marketing | brand your resort’s personality

Undoubtedly, vacations are meant for fun and relaxing. But inherently, the planner is surfaced with a lot of concerns and queries related to the travel. Talk to your customer as a solution provider to these concerns. This solution has to be one of your resort’s USP.

E.g. A professional based in Mumbai is planning for a weekend trip to Nasik with family. He drives around 60 km every day to work, hence while he is really excited to travel, somewhere the driving task is an inherent concern. Your resort proposes pick-up and drop facility at a cost effective rate. Suddenly he gets all inclined towards your resort amidst all competitor advertisement on Trip advisor.

Occasion Marketing | weekday or non-peak occupancy

to cater different occasions in our lives, e.g. Birthdays Anniversary or Honeymoon, Engagement, Baby showers, Retirement parties and many such. You can have an entire supply chain around the specific occasion you want to cater. Event management team, props, room & theme cutlery and accordingly build a unique name in the market.

Experience Marketing | Ensure repeat business

Elicit emotions through every tangible and intangible elements of your resort. We tend to restrict ourselves to provide best of the service, experience goes a bit beyond. Provide a free space, an unrestricted atmosphere where we can be ourselves, within any inhibitions. Such an experience brings a loyalty for life. Few examples; as a surprise you name one of the buffet dishes in the honour of a guest, your entire staff takes a picture with the visitor as part of the farewell gesture, guest is allowed to carry any item as your resort’s token.

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