Facebook company page – low cost alternative to Website

Establish online presence
“What Do I do when I have just Rs. 15000/- budget for marketing my Travel Business?” One of my friend asked;, “Whether a website can be developed within a budget of Rs.15000/-?”

I told her Yes, it can be; there are freelancers who can develop it for you. But then I thought, would it really help her? All her money will be invested in setting up a website whereas what she needs at this point is ‘selling her products’. I find this as a very usual situation where start ups go to a web designer and ask for a website. It becomes a dead investment.

I said to my friend if you have a low budget and still want to optimize it for your profits. Here goes my suggestion:

Step 1

To start with create a Facebook company page instead of a full-fledged website complete your profile and connect to as many people as possible. Get your existing customers talk about you on your Facebook company page. Nothing works better than Customer testimonials.

There are many free Facebook apps available like Contact Us. You can also set up a free Facebook store up to 10 products. This is all FREE; you still have 15000/- untouched in your pocket.

Step 2

This is most crucial step while utilizing your budget. Decide on a buyer for your products. Craft a detailed buyer persona for your products/services.

Step 3

Go for paid advertisement of your Facebook company page; targeting only those who fall into your potential customer’s category. Step 2 plays a crucial role over here. Time to empty your pocket now…

Step 4

Make money by selling your products/services from your Facebook company page and then go for a professional web designing company to develop a website for you.

Advantages of a Facebook company page:

  • It is ideal for B2C businesses
  • No setup cost
  • Quick & easy setup
  • No technical skills or coding required
  • Measure user engagement level with Facebook Insights
  • Ideal for marketing products with visual appeal
  • Free Facebook apps for customer acquisition, CRM, support etc
  • High brand visibility
  • Showcases all your posts on Facebook timeline so your past marketing efforts do not go waste
  • Increase user participation by running campaigns like contests & polls
  • Paid advertising – Target specific customer base & make maximum out of your budget
  • Facebook marketing all knowledge is available in public domain – keep yourself up to date

If Facebook company page is so effective, then why to go for a website at all?

How long will you stay as a paying guest? You must buy your own home.

  • Website is about trust & assurance. If you have a website it gives assurance to visitors that you exist and serious about business.
  • Website is a center point of your online & offline marketing activities. Whether you participate in a trade show, regularly post on social media or do paid advertising with Google, people would visit your website to know more about you.
  • With only Facebook company page you cannot reach other social media, you become restricted to
  • Facebook company page is good for engagement & brand awareness but it takes more to convert visitors to paying customers. With website you can offer them your mission, services, information, offers, discounts, client testimonials, work portfolio, etc all in one place and strategically placed in a way which is high on emotional appeal.
  • Website provides avenues like SEO to get ranked high in search results & gain more visitors to your website. With Facebook company page you have little control over how a search engine will find you.
  • In today’s word of pull marketing content is king. Website gives you unlimited own space to write blogs, articles which you can continue to grow to attract more & more visitors.
  • Facebook company page is a standard template, and only way your page can look different than others is by photos you upload. A website can be designed in alignment with your corporate brand

Therefore a website is a must have once you establish yourself. Don’t develop your website unless you have a budget to market it; else it will be a dead investment. Saving is earning in a bad economy.

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