Digital Marketing to boost your training business growth

​Digital marketing – a buzzword! But not anymore.. now it has become imperative.

If you are running a training business with young college going students or working professionals as your target customers, you simply cannot miss marketing on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube.

Digital marketing is the most opt marketing channel for training businesses. Why?

  1. Because your target customer is always online, and most of times their parents too
  2. Digital marketing is measurable
  3. It gives higher ROI than traditional marketing channels
  4. Training business runs on mouth publicity, online reviews would help here
  5. Training business is often a local business and digital marketing can work wonders here
  6. There is a lot of competition, and you can easily beat it with digital marketing

Here are the top 10 ways how digital marketing can boost the growth of your training business

  1. Build brand awareness

    – Training business runs on popularity. Digital marketing can help promote your brand by displaying ads online on popular websites, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouYube, Mobile Apps, WhatsApp, News Portals etc
    More the brand awareness, better the brand recall and more the flow of inquiries

  2. Generate inquiries

    – By promoting your brand on online channels, it can help you generate admission inquiries for upcoming batches. The inquiries are genuine. Inquiries can be targeted from a specific region, age group, income group of parents, stream, etc. Inquiries can be of both parents & students. An immediate follow-up call after the person shows interest by filling up the form, generally results in better conversion and higher ROI.
    Here are techniques how you can convert the inquiries better

  3. Registrations for introductory seminar/ webinars

    – If you conduct a free/ paid introductory seminars, digital marketing can help you generate registrations for the events. People coming to seminar get a glimpse of the trainers and also the syllabus and have better chances of conversion. Free introductory seminars is a good strategy of marketing your course. If seminars are not feasible, you can conduct online webinars for your courses and address the audience.

  4. Build online reviews

    – Mouth publicity is always the best form of marketing with the highest conversion ratio. Digital marketing can help you build online reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, your own website, listing websites like JustDial,, exclusive reviews portals like Video testimonials always build better credibility & appear authentic than text testimonials.

  5. Better search ranking

    – People often research products & services online. When searched for your business, digital marketing makes sure your site appears among top search results in Google getting you found among the target audience who is ready to take action. This strategy always works in higher conversion as people are actively searching for the services (hot leads) and are ready to take action. If followed up correctly it can result in quick conversions. Though this takes the time it is foolproof and sustainable. Significant efforts are required from both client & agency side. It is always recommended SEO should be started along with other digital marketing efforts.

  6. Local ranks

    – Training is a local business and digital marketing can help in getting higher rankings in Google Maps.

  7. Build referrals

    – Happy students are your brand ambassadors. Digital marketing can help you get reviews of your happy customers and also pursue them to refer you to their contacts. This can work better with referral incentives and offers like Mone back guarantee.

  8. Establishing you as the thought leader in the industry

    – Training runs on the content, way of delivery & presentation. Digital marketing can help you build as the thought leader by a blog or a vblog on YouTube channel. Your content will reach to the audience and eventually they would enroll.

  9. Leverage old lead database

    – Engaging with past prospects often gives a higher conversion rate as they already know you. We need to keep updating them with your latest success stories. This can be done through email marketing, content marketing. In such cases, CRM system works better as it helps in marketing automation. You can automate whom to send what emails at what frequency and tweaking the communication based on the responses.

  10. Building franchises

    – If you are already a successful training business planning to scale up, digital marketing can help you get franchise inquiries. This will exponentially grow your business. Digital marketing can further help each franchise build its local business

These are different ways digital marketing can help a training business. Here is the proven digital marketing plan for a training business with an end-to-end case study. Want to discuss further, leave your requirement and we will get in touch with you.