Digital Marketing for Technology and IT Companies

Paarami understands that marketing for Technology and IT companies have typical challenges of any B2B business. Huge investment that has already gone in research & development, tight marketing budgets, multi level and time consuming buying decision making, reaching to global clients, dependency on affiliate network are few main hurdles marketing managers of technology companies has to deal with.

What makes digital marketing for technology companies different is need of in depth understanding of technology product domain, being able to simplify the complex functionality, influence of IT department in buying process, intra-organizational resistance to adopting to technology revamps/ upgrades, identifying business applications of the product to various industries and domains, the tech company be able to play the role of consultant and provide comprehensive solution and long term support.

Why going digital is the best choice for B2B Technology Companies

  • Your buyers are tech savvy & heavy users of digital media
  • Your buyers are global
  • Social relationships like Affiliates / Partners/ Industry experts & consultants are important for your business development
  • Hard pitching does not work; thought leadership is must

Whom we serve

  • Software Companies
  • Computer and Networking companies
  • Technology Consulting Companies
  • Engineering Companies
  • Engineering services Companies

What we offer as digital marketing solution

  • Generate Business Inquiries
  • Create visibility through Brand promotion
  • Promote thought leadership
  • Generate the right relationships – affiliates, partners, vendors, customers
  • Engage with decision makers through highly targeted marketing

How you can measure our performance

  • Number of increased visitors to your website
  • Leads generated through your digital presence
  • Number of people reached in social media
  • Number of people signed up for your newsletter
  • New partnerships formed
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