Social media marketing has become the new form of inexpensive yet effective marketing. Social media marketing on B2B and B2C social networks like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Quora and many more have largely replaced the need for large advertising budgets.

Yet, social media marketing is largely underestimated as mere act of haphazardly throwing few posts, tweets, shares and comments at regular intervals. Effective and targeted social media marketing is well planned, highly engaging and requires holistic content strategy that works across social media networks, which is usually the work of experts.

Businesses can reap phenomenal benefits by establishing rapport with potential customers, existing clients, professionals, partners and employees on social media networks. Outsourcing this task to an expert like Paarami may be the best foot forward for you and your business.

We at Paarami handle social media strategy, social media management & paid advertising as part of social media marketing.

Social media marketing strategy involves:

  • Defining social media marketing objectives
  • Defining buyer persona
  • Identifying social media networks appropriate for the type of business
  • Studying buyer behavior on each social media
  • Define branding messages to communicate
  • Defining strategy that works across different social media
  • Creating content strategy
  • Defining metrics

Social media management involves:

  • Executing the social media strategy across identified social networks in organic way
  • Creating & managing business profiles on social media networks including bio, photos & videos
  • Creating content & graphics for posting
  • Creating schedule & posting as per schedule on different social media networks
  • Increasing user engagement in terms of likes, shares, retweets, comments
  • Regularly tracking engagement metrics to check if the social media efforts are working
Social media marketing

Social media paid advertising involves:

  • Identifying customer segment to target
  • Creating offer
  • Deciding right paid advertising model
  • Running the campaign for optimum utilization of budget and maximum effectiveness
  • Tracking metrics to measure advertisement effectiveness

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