Most new businesses go online with a ‘wet behind the ears’ simplistic outlook, thinking that if they get maximum exposure in terms of visitors, the decision has worked. But this is not totally true. What matters to any business is not just (or rather not really) how many people know about the business, but actually about how many people are willing to take up on your business offering!

What’s the difference you ask?

It’s difference between number of visitors and number of conversions /sales leads. Most businesses that are new to the online marketing industry often notice this in the first few months itself. While they have attracted a few thousand visitors to their websites, only a marginal percentage of viewers have actually converted and placed orders. Conversions observed are as low as 1%, what happens to the other 99?

If nothing is done about it, these 99 percent visitors, who came to a website but left without purchasing anything or making any queries, are simply a lost opportunity. Yet, something called re-targeting can convert this opportunity lost into actual sales.

Re-targeting involves following the visitors web surfing activities unobtrusively and thus equipping us with the knowledge to place relevant advertisements on the sites that he/she is visiting.

This means that even though the viewers may not have shown adequate interest on your website, we make sure that they see frequent adverts and this improves their brand recall; thus improving our probabilities of getting orders from the once ‘bounced off’ customers.

Being a formidable conversion tool, re-targeting aims at tapping the prospective customers who at some point in time have directly or indirectly shown interest in your organization’s product and service offerings.

Paarami helps you with your re-targeting goals and achieve higher returns on your investment.

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