Paid advertisement is an old and proven online marketing strategy to drive immediate & targeted traffic to website. It is widely popular as PPC or Pay per Click which is one of the payment models of paid advertising. In the past Google AdWords was the only avenue for paid advertising, but the advent of digital marketing & social media many new platforms like Facebook, Outbrain have made a foray and quickly became successful because of high reach and different medias offered. Whichever the platform the capability of audience targeting & Measurability is the crux of paid advertising.

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Benefits of PPC Advertising

  • High Visibility, Global Reach & Branding
  • Immediate Traffic
  • Measurable ROI
  • Audience Targeting – Geo, Age, Gender, Interests, Products/ Services
  • Testing different ad formats to meet campaign objectives
  • Complete control – Ad Budget, Scheduling, Ad Design & Placement, Monitoring & Re-tuning

Different Paid Marketing Avenues

  • Search Marketing (PPC/PPM) Google Adwords
  • Display Advertising – (Formats : Text, Image, Animated, Video in different sizes)
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media Advertising – Facebook, LinkedIn Marketing
  • Paid Content Promotions – Outbrain
  • Paid Influencer Marketing

What we do

  1. Paid Marketing Strategy
    • PPC advertising platforms
    • Ad budget
    • Setting campaign objectives for each platform
    • Campaign planning
  2. Execution
    • Ad copy
    • Ad design in different sizes
    • Landing Page Creation
    • Scheduling
    • Daily Bid Management and Optimization
    • A/B Testing
  3. Reporting
    • Monitoring & Analysis
    • Fine tuning for max ROI

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