Today, most B2B engagement marketers recognize how important email is to their overall marketing mix, how it can increase revenue, and how it can improve customer relationships. In fact, according to a report by Forrester Research, email now ranks as the third most widely used B2B marketing tactic, next to public relations and direct mail. And nearly eight out of 10 B2B marketers say the impact of email marketing is increasing.

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Who do we target?

Existing Customers for Cross selling and up selling opportunities
Past customers for reviving the relationship and generating new opportunities
Lead nurturing
New Partnership Opportunities

Email Marketing Service Deliverables

  • Segmentation and profiling of existing Database with Client
  • Create Personalized Email Campaigns
  • Email Plan for whole year (In coordination with client’s Team)
    • Frequency and options
    • Use of segmentation and personalization
    • Value of content/offers
  • Landing Pages (To capture leads)
  • Eye-catching e-Newsletter design
    • A/B split test using maximum of 2 filters and 2 creative’s
    • Paarami will create and test two subject line / headline versions of your e-newsletter each month to determine the most effective format and sending times
    • Creative content strategies and design that will re-enforce your brand engage your audience and yield a response to each ‘call-to-action’. We can research, write and create the artwork for articles, interviews, surveys, case studies, white papers, reader polls etc
  • Quality review prior to mailing
    • Spam Score
  • Review and reporting
    • Open, click-through and Click-to-open rates
    • Bounce, unsubscribe and spam complaint rates
    • Active/Inactive subscriber report (after several months using B2B Lead Agency)
    • Overview of recent competitive challenges
    • Review of client email metrics
  • Deliverability
    Careful content analysis and list scrutiny is a part of our service. We’ll scan copy to identify words, phrases and patterns that are likely to trigger filters; review mail lists for email validity and correct incomplete/mis-formatted addresses

If you wish to increase bonds with your customers with our email marketing services, then contact us.