What is digital out of home (dooh) marketing?

Digital out of home (dooh) marketing is advertising a business’s marketing message using high definition pictures, animations, colors and full motion video on digital signage. This platform allows scheduling content to the display based on event, time and place.
Not only crowded public places like railway, bus platforms and premises, highways, airports but utility places like hospitals, clinics, restaurants & hotels, banks, reception areas, corporate waiting rooms can host digital signage and be part of digital ooh. Digital out of home has high infotainment value as it promotes not only the marketing communications but educational content which can be managed centrally as per audience’s context.

We at Paarami Business Solutions offer digital marketing services through digital out of home (dooh) signage systems. It complements your online and mobile marketing efforts and is a integral part of overall digital strategy.

Dooh digital signage system Features:

  • Centrally managed web based solution
  • High quality images, graphics, animations and full motion videos to ensure an HD broadcast
  • Dynamic content; continually changing full motion video, rich graphics, animations and text
  • Media content may be displayed on scrolling message boards, projection screens, plasma or LED monitors
  • Content can be imported from various external systems including MIS, ERP or Databases
  • Complete control to marketer over content management and scheduling from central remote location
  • Standalone screen and multi-location content scheduling can be done from single remote location. This way the media scheduling can be done easily across locations.
  • Personalized & targeted media content as per audience context, demographics, interests
    • Promotional sales content at shopping malls
    • Education health related content at hospital waiting rooms
    • Company history, services content at corporate reception areas
  • Instant modifications in the display content – be it for a single venue or any display across the globe.
  • Logs of content played

Dooh digital signage system Benefits:

For End User

  • It makes ambiance live & reduces perceived waiting times for consumers

For Marketers

  • Cost effective
  • Highly engaging content forms like high definition pictures, animations, full motion video
  • Multiple marketing messages at multiple displays at once
  • Central management and greater control from remote location
  • Higher ad spots in the same amount of space
  • Highly targeted content influencing purchasing decisions
  • Personalized and relevant content very well accepted by audience unlike TV commercials which are often irrelevant and treated as annoyance
  • Quick up time and instant modifications possible
  • ROI is easier to measure

Is this dooh digital signage system for me?

If you are a outdoor media company wanting to venture into digital out of home advertising or you are a budding entrepreneur wanting to monetize on latest advertising technology, you are at right place.
You can install digital signage software on digital displays at prominent locations and sell the advertising slots to brands to earn revenue.