Digital Marketing Case Study of Optician Software Solution Company

Industry: Software solutions

Client Business:

The client is an UK based ophthalmic software company. Their core expertise is in the ophthalmic sector. They provide the best ophthalmic software solution to opticians.They strive to provide the best ophthalmic software solution bytaking feedback from their end customer and nurturing & improving their practice management software.

Client had a website which had been created 4-5 years back and were not happy with the overall outlook of the website.

Business Objectives:

The client wanted to redesign andre-launch their website with new look which can generate more awareness among the end users about their ophthalmic software solution.

Our Solution:

We held few meetings with client to understand their product, how it was different from others, features of existing products & its demand in the market. We analyzedthe flaws in their current websiteand restructured the design of their website.

We conceptualized the website interface on basis of their software product.To define their USP, we integrated their software product with UI design of their website. During this process, we studied their competitor’s and deployed demo content to test the responses. To highlight their ÚSP, we also added snapshots of the software module. The design was made to highlight their product i.e. optometric software and how it is different from those present in the market.

As a part of digital marketing, we simplified and optimized the content with SEO, so that the website would gain its presence in Google search results and related queries. The client was happy and satisfied with the final website design.

What We Did:

  • Website design & development
  • SEO

Website Screenshots (Before & After):

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