Digital Marketing Case Study of a Chocolate Ecommerce Shop

Industry: Handmade Chocolate, Ecommerce

Client Business:

The client is a Handmade Chocolate specialist. She offers a variety of chocolates – white, milk, dark, fruit n nut, dryfruit bars, etc in attractive packagings made for occasions like festivals, birthdays & anniversaries and corporate events. The client sells the chocolates under brand name ‘Handtouched’.

The client had a logo and ecommerce website for the brand ‘Handtouched’ but was not happy with the logo and website design & working. She wanted to relaunch the brand with new logo & website.

Business Objectives:

To launch the brand and ecommerce shop to generate orders online.

Our Solution:

We held few meetings with client to understand her products, its differentiations, existing products’ demands, her inspirations behind innovative products and other business drivers.
We started with knowing her preferences for the logo. We sent her a questionnaire & then had in person meeting. The client was looking for a specific color and an element depicting ‘handmade’ in the logo. We provided her with 3 options with the complete conceptualization and evolution process.

After the logo was finalized, we started with ecommerce store design & development. The store had to be ready for online marketing through Facebook, Google, YouTube and other media.
We made sure that her USPs are well highlighted, all products are well presented with good quality images & zoom, on product pages all factors establishing her credibility & expertise are present.
The design was made to create a desire among visitors to try the chocolates now (as if having a look at the chocolates at a physical store). The site was required to be attractive & elegant, not like usual boring ecommerce websites.

The client was very happy with the final website design. During development, we also completed on-page SEO, so that the store will start featuring in popular chocolate related searches. The entire project along with web design was completed in 1 month.

What We Did:

  • Logo Design
  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • On-page SEO
  • Ecommerce Information Architecture Design

Client Testimonial:

“Nice experience, very cooperative team. Helpful in solving queries. Works efficiently and dedicatedly.”

How we arrived at final logo:

Handtouched Logo Process

Website Screenshots (Before & After):

Handtouched Website Home Page - Old
Handtouched Website Home Page - New
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