Here’s how Digital Marketing can help you boost your Travel Agency business!


With the airline industries cutting down the commission to travel agents, growth of online travel companies & new agents have created it tough for tour operators to scale their business.

If you are a travel operator and facing challenges to survive your business then digital marketing is one of the effective options to stabilize your business.

Digital Marketing is a one place where you can easily upscale your business by reaching out to millions of people daily. There are lot of daily active users using internet to plan their holidays and vacations.

But how can it be used to grow business of tour operators?

Let’s find answers as we go through the challenges faced by tour operators and agencies.

Challenges Faced by Travel Agencies/ Tour Operators and How Digital Marketing can help them:

ChallengeDigital Marketing Solution
Lack of Visibility: One of the main reasons you are unable to scale your business is ‘lack of visibility’ of your services among the target audience.

If you are not gaining constant eyeballs by being present at everywhere your target audience goes, how will you gain prospects visiting you for services?

The easiest and cheapest way of hammering your brand is to create a presence online.
What can be done: To establish your ‘Online Presence’, start with by:
  • launching a website
  • a business pages on Facebook & other social media platforms
  • and listing your business on popular travel portals like MakeMyTrip, etc

Improve your website, business page ranking in search engine results like Google results, so that you are found when people are actively searching for your services in your location. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help in this regard.

Be active on social media. Keep posting about your services, upcoming offers, new tour packages, etc. This will increase your visibility. So whether your business is located in rural region or urban region you’ll always be visible to the end user.
Lack of Credibility:  Even if you have an online presence, do you have enough credibility to impress the audience to choose you over competitors?

Credibility and business are synonymous in this industry.

If people trust you they will give you more and more business.
What can be done: People now-a-days form a perception about the travel agency or operator only after reading its reviews.

Reviews are like a ‘Go for it’ or ‘Don’t Go for it’ signs which people trusts before going for any travel agency.

Use Google reviews, Facebook reviews to publish reviews about your travel services. Ask your customers to post a review about your services.

Talk about your associations with top clients in the industry. Show the awards and certificates received by travel agency and boast about them on you website.

Collect testimonials of customers about your services and publish them on your website.

And then use social media to promote what people are talking about you.
Lack of Social Presence: Your social presence is directly linked to your credibility online. If you have donot have a social media presence, then you might be losing many of your potential customers online. Digital Media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), has helped changed the way businesses brand themselves and engage with their fans. According to a report published by Aabaco Small Business, 50% of people make purchase based on a recommendation through social media networks.

So now you understand why it is so important!
What can be done: As a travel agency, you need to publish posts which can be of interest to your travel audience.

For example, if you wish to increase bookings for Kerala tourism, then you need to publish posts about Kerala backwaters, their cuisine, local people, decorated elephants, lush greenery, facts about Kerala, best places to visit, etc.  In short, you need to publish content which would entice people to visit Kerala.  You can go for social media ads to promote your seasonal and off season packages.

Don’t promote your services on social media, because people may find it annoying.

Use feature like Facebook live and periscope on twitter to demonstrate live experience of your tour to your audience. Publish videos and images of your latest tours.

You can engage with fans on a regular basis and discuss/answer queries about your travel packages.

You need to keep pace with the ever changing customer behaviour otherwise you would be left behind. Following the trend of being online can help you become your people’s favourite.
Customer Retention: Travel marketplace is dominated by very few large players who have built brand and continue to invest in brand awareness. You need to offer your customers deals and offer or engage with them through new content constantly so as to retain their loyalty.

If not, then you would be losing the assets of your agency!
What can be done: You can organise loyalty programmes for your regular customers. Treat them as privileged audience.

You can do so by email marketing (one of the services under digital marketing), send them loyalty offers or discounts, new tour packages updates, etc.

Appreciate and thank them for using their services for all these years. This will add a personal touch to your services.

What to Expect from Digital Marketing as a Tour Operator?

  • Digital marketing does not give you immediate results. It takes time but brings out the best for you.
  • For better optimized results it is always wise to start early. i.e. start planning for special seasons packages atleast three months earlier.
  • Always make sure that leads are followed diligently for better conversion of your business. Digital marketing will bring you enquiries but it is upto your management to convert them into customers.
  • Be competitive while deciding the price of your travel services. Otherwise, all your efforts can go waste.
  • Open up your budget to your digital marketing professional / agency. So that they can make strategies accordingly.

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