Does your resort really need a mobile website?

Does your resort really need a mobile website? May be NO or may be YES. Everyone is talking about surge in Smartphone usage and importance of having mobile website for a business. But only YOU are the right person to decide what best suits your type of business. Answer below 5 questions and decide for yourself. 1. How is 2G, 3G mobile internet connectivity where your target customer resides? Smartphone sales have increased many folds in recent years even in rural areas but not the 2G & 3G mobile internet coverage. Lack of infrastructure has crippled the mobile internet technology which otherwise would have opened up inaccessible markets leading to a new consumer revolution. If the geography your target customer belongs to has no or poor 2G, 3G connectivity, a mobile website for your resort is a clear NO NO. You can skip reading further… 2. What time of the [...]