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SEO Services pricing models of a SEO company

SEO Services pricing models of a SEO company It is said and proven that SEO is the highest ROI generating digital marketing tool today and it will keep evolving. For businesses, it is no longer a question of whether to do SEO or not, but more so how much to spend on SEO services. If you are searching for a SEO agency and approach them with this question, you will observe that quotes submitted by these expert SEO companies are poles apart from each other. This striking difference is mainly because the service rendered is dependent on many influencing factors like: SEO agency’s understanding of your SEO requirements & objectives Estimated Timeline to achieve the objectives SEO approach to follow Content writing support Social media support Reputation and popularity of the SEO agency SEO reporting and communication requirement No matter what quote is there are mainly 3 SEO services pricing [...]

SEO Best practices and Malpractices

SEO Best practices and Malpractices Today millions of websites exist on Internet. But only thousands of websites get accessed by users. Why? Because of website’s appeal and it is useful to end user. And one of the critical factor of enhanced accessibility of these websites is that they are SEO friendly. Here comes the difference between general and SEO optimized websites. Standard website follows white hat SEO techniques i.e. SEO’s best practices and some of them are as follow: Appealing layout and design We all like appealing design, don’t we? That’s the first key to impress our visitor. Site’s design and colour combination constituents towards website’s appeal. This mainly includes your website’s usability. It includes site accessibility, identity, navigation and content presentation. Smooth navigation Once user enters on site, then navigation has to be easy and clear. It gives good browsing experience.  Confusing site navigation will curtail his interest and [...]