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How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development

How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development Most people still look at LinkedIn as an effective tool to look for prospective employers and employees, but as several online media gurus have been saying all along, it is true that if one knows how to use LinkedIn for marketing your business can yield phenomenal results. If you are still not completely taken up with the idea of using Linkedin for business, it is time for you to wake up to some facts. Josh Turner, the expert who practically makes a living through LinkedIn, is a living example of how LinkedIn can be used for business development. He has worked on several successful marketing campaigns that used LinkedIn as their platform. And why not, he says. LinkedIn has over 200 million members, which statistically may be way behind certain other popular social media such as Facebook, has some phenomenally powerful network reach [...]

How To Manage LinkedIn Company Profile

How To Manage LinkedIn Company Profile We all have had profiles on LinkedIn with photos in the crispest of formal shirts, built with an outlook of looking for better job opportunities. Yet, a corporation or company too can do really well for itself by getting out on LinkedIn with a fab company profile. See, statistically, about half of all the company followers on LinkedIn state that they are more likely to buy products or services from a company that they regularly interact with. There are two derivatives from this statistic That your company can certainly benefit from its LinkedIn presence, and By providing regular interactions and building rapport with prospective customers and clients, you can even steer them towards being your company regulars. But how does all this really unfold. Well first and foremost, you need to setup your LinkedIn company page, of course. And then, you need a content [...]

Unwanted connections on LinkedIn troubling you

Unwanted connections on LinkedIn troubling you Social media is not always welcome. Some people use tool for spamming. If you are someone who would like to get rid of these SPAMs on your LinkedIn home page every day, here is a small process to ‘Remove Unwanted connections from LinkedIn’ Follow the steps below to remove your unwanted LinkedIn connections: 1. Go to your contacts list 2. Search the specific contact you wish to remove 3. Select and remove the connection as shown in the image below