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Best Facebook E-commerce Apps

Best Facebook E-commerce Apps There are many apps available on Facebook; many for only fun but some are real business. Following are two of very popular Facebook apps which ecommerce startups can use to setup their businesses in early stages. These functionally reach apps allow you to taste the water before jumping into sea. Have a look! Storefront Social Storefront Social creates a tab on your business’s Facebook page that allows you to showcase items in your online store. Some templates include options to tweet or share specific items, and shoppers can search by customizable categories or with a search bar. In order to set the store up, you need to install the Storefront Social app. The basic package costs $9.95 per month. You cannot use the store as your sole storefront because there is no way to complete a transaction using the platform. Rather, people who wish to buy [...]

How to Use Facebook for Mobile Marketing

How to Use Facebook for Mobile Marketing A smart phone is no more a luxury but necessity. A smart phone is used not only to talk but to message, access emails, read eBooks, download various apps and the best is to socialize Social. According to 2011 market census, more people bought a ‘SMARTPHONE’ than a desktop PC. One in seven searches is done on mobile phones. There are over 6 billion mobile subscriptions globally. Facebook mobile App Around 1.08 billion people use Facebook on their smart phones including Androids and iPhones. 550+ million people use Facebook Mobile App. Facebook mobile use is increasing than desktop use. You can carry your world with you with smart phones. The time spent on Facebook mobile site (m.facebook.com) or mobile app has surpassed the time spent on Facebook actual Website on desktops and laptops. As per Facebook user analytics, it has divided its visitors [...]

Facebook Marketing FAQs for Business Owners

Facebook Marketing FAQs for Business Owners Social media marketing is a very popular channel of digital marketing today. Word of mouth publicity has always been effective way of getting referral customers. Social media is the digital version of the same and works on similar principles. If you are willing to grow your business through online marketing, you can’t do away with social media marketing. Facebook marketing is no more a buzz, but a serious business which requires thoughtfully crafted strategy, meticulous planning and persistent implementation efforts. Facebook is the social media giant today; while others like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram are also very popular. If you are a business owner, surely you want to cash in on Facebook marketing’s popularity but might have too many questions to start. Here are quick answers to some of frequently asked questions about Facebook Marketing. To check if Facebook marketing can help your business [...]

Facebook company page – low cost alternative to Website

Facebook company page - low cost alternative to Website “What Do I do when I have just Rs. 15000/- budget for marketing my Travel Business?” One of my friend asked;, “Whether a website can be developed within a budget of Rs.15000/-?” I told her Yes, it can be; there are freelancers who can develop it for you. But then I thought, would it really help her? All her money will be invested in setting up a website whereas what she needs at this point is ‘selling her products’. I find this as a very usual situation where start ups go to a web designer and ask for a website. It becomes a dead investment. I said to my friend if you have a low budget and still want to optimize it for your profits. Here goes my suggestion: Step 1 To start with create a Facebook company page instead of [...]