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Digital Marketing to boost your training business growth

Digital Marketing to boost your training business growth ​Digital marketing - a buzzword! But not anymore.. now it has become imperative. If you are running a training business with young college going students or working professionals as your target customers, you simply cannot miss marketing on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube. Digital marketing is the most opt marketing channel for training businesses. Why? Because your target customer is always online, and most of times their parents too Digital marketing is measurable It gives higher ROI than traditional marketing channels Training business runs on mouth publicity, online reviews would help here Training business is often a local business and digital marketing can work wonders here There is a lot of competition, and you can easily beat it with digital marketing Here are the top 10 ways how digital marketing can boost the growth of your training business Build [...]

Paarami Digital Consulting: Building Bespoke Digital Experiences

Paarami Digital Consulting: Building Bespoke Digital Experiences “Our mission is to create success stories. We strive towards building our client's business a success. In the last 5 years, we have worked with 225+ clients from different industries and of various scales across India, US, UK, Singapore, and UAE” According to a survey, by 2017 India will have around 600 million internet users. This creates a fascinating business opportunity to sell services and products to growing population of tech-savvy internet users. Digital Marketing has become an indispensable means for every company to reach individuals directly. Mumbai-based Paarami Digital Consulting has emerged as one of the top Digital Marketing Companies and a perfect partner to any business intent on making their digital marketing efforts a resounding success. They are the digital consultants who help clients formulate the right digital strategy and channel mix aligned to their objectives of activities [...]

Poor Client Feedback leads to Digital Marketing Failure!

Poor Client Feedback leads to Digital Marketing Failure! Customer success involves developing a two-way mode of disseminating information ie, learning between the organization and the customer. Client feedback is a goldmine of information and as such has to be used to develop valuable business insights. And for digital marketing companies, it is no different! Digital marketing company by virtue of their expertise in the field understand your needs and goals and chart your path towards achieving success. While they try to achieve success by managing complex customer relationships, responding and initiating customer interactions, using big data to aid in decision-making, online ads, etc. Things can still go wrong! Poor Client feedback – One of the leading causes for digital marketing failure! Digital marketing failure could be due to various reasons, but one of the major ingredient leading to failure of digital marketing work can be attributed to poor client feedback. [...]

Influencer Marketing to Help Your Business in 2017!

Influencer Marketing to Help Your Business in 2017!Influencer marketing has become the latest buzzword for brand promotion in the industry. In today’s world of digital marketing, influencer recommendations are being increasingly seen as honest opinions of the brand or product and passionate drivers for the purchase decision. There has been a shift in deciding the influencer status, with greater focus on ‘everyday individuals’ who are non-celebrities but have maximum social media following rather than using journalists or celebrities. Influencer Marketing Entrenching its Foothold in 2017 Buyers of today are fed up of screen or newsprint ads, viewing them as intrusion into their life. They would rather prefer making the buying decision based on experiences of consumers similar to them; who have bought and used the product. This is influencer marketing. The influencer’s social media following becomes the target audience for the product to be marketed.Higher the following, greater is [...]

Why is it important to position your brand in this cluttered market

Why is it important to position your brand in this cluttered marketBrand positioning means creating a special place in the minds of your consumers, so that they choose your brand over others.  If you have a strong brand presence in the market, it means people are ready to buy from you, are willing to pay a premium for your products or services and most importantly, you earn their loyalty. In today’s cluttered market, where brands are fighting to find a foothold in the market and consumers are bombarded with 2000 to 5000 promotional messages in a day, brand positioning assumes great importance. Business owners and corporates can actually decide on what exactly they want their brand to reflect. Therefore, a lot of thought process and research must be done before deciding on to your positioning strategy. Interestingly, brand positioning is not about your products, it is about how you [...]

History of Snapchat and it’s entry into the Digital World

History of Snapchat and it’s entry into the Digital World Just little over four years ago Snapchat, was supposedly just an idea which contextualized on human emotion "Live in the Moment" by It’s founder evan spiegel and friends. Four years later now, over 100 million downloads and 7 billion daily video views later it is one of the hottest consumer attention seeking platform for business owners competing with social media giants such as Facebook. So how does an Image messaging app get here? Let’s find out! What is Snapchat? The norm of the Internet age was to make and document so that the content will be digitally stored on the cloud forever. Snapchat went totally the opposite way and is predicated on reality i.e. moments are temporary. That’s exactly the feeling and behavior Snapchat is mapped into.The app lets you create temporary content in the form of photos and [...]

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Every Hotel & Resorts

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Every Hotel & Resorts If you are an hotelier or a resort owner and need to step up on your existing marketing strategies, then the digital realm may have some smart plans for you. In the present internet fuelled times, it is important for any hospitality business to try digital marketing as it reaches a wider range of audience and impacts the credibility of any place. Digital marketing is a great way to save your big portion of commission that usually goes out to commission agents and also a big step in your brand management. Here are a few challenges that are commonly faced by the hospitality industry and how digital marketing can help tackle those with a smart approach: Lack of credibility: The rules of the travel game have changed. These days’ people make sure that they read sufficient hotel reviews and check [...]

Here’s how Digital Marketing can help you boost your Travel Agency business!

Here’s how Digital Marketing can help you boost your Travel Agency business! With the airline industries cutting down the commission to travel agents, growth of online travel companies & new agents have created it tough for tour operators to scale their business. If you are a travel operator and facing challenges to survive your business then digital marketing is one of the effective options to stabilize your business. Digital Marketing is a one place where you can easily upscale your business by reaching out to millions of people daily. There are lot of daily active users using internet to plan their holidays and vacations. But how can it be used to grow business of tour operators? Let’s find answers as we go through the challenges faced by tour operators and agencies. Challenges Faced by Travel Agencies/ Tour Operators and How Digital Marketing can help them: What to [...]

Top 6 ideas to create your Business Videos!

Top 6 ideas to create your Business Videos! Most of the businesses now are taking up to digital marketing to mark their presence amongst their 21st century customers. And videos are the one of the most loved fads amongst people now! Be it facebook, linkedin, Pinterest & Instagram.  Videos are ruling the digital media world! Many of the top brands like Redbull, Coca-cola, Lego, etc have taken to videos and video marketing to promote their products. They keep their viewers intact with updates. You too can use videos of your business to market your products. But what kind of videos will be perfect for your business? This depends on your business of course! Say if you have a Pest control business. So what kind of videos will you create? In this case, talking directly about the product won’t interest anyone. No one will be interested in your pest products when [...]

How can a small-scale chocolate maker make use of digital marketing to get business?

How can a small-scale chocolate maker make use of digital marketing to get business? When your passion for cooking turns into an income earning source, the most basic question arises is how can I reach most of the people with my product? Digital marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channel to reach millions of people at one time! And we all use them, ie, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. And apart from these there are platforms, where people with common interests post, like and review products. For foodies, it’s Zomato – a restaurant search and discovery portal. We’ll be specifically talking about Zomato. Why Zomato? Because people visit here to find most delicious food and desert options and it will be easier to target your audience here all at one place. You know whoever visits here, wants some delicious food. People post reviews and views about the food and [...]