Craft a USP for your business

Craft a USP for your business Why a customer should chose you over competitor? Uncover your business USP in 45 minutes! What is USP? USP is the abbreviation for “Unique Selling Proposition” Simply stating, it’s your specialty factor, the reason why a customer chooses you over your competitor. It may be consciously build into your product/service offering or may be discovered through analysis of your existing client base, processes and business market. Why is an USP important? Adopting a great USP for your business; your business can establish an identity which is unique from your competitors. Easy and unique differentiation not only helps customer chose better but it helps internal alignment and processes as well. How can I discover the USP? Our marketing experts help you decipher your services and processes. Thorough analysis of your target segment, industry and competitors can help us gauge your organization’s USP. A Query based [...]