How can a small-scale chocolate maker make use of digital marketing to get business?

zomatoWhen your passion for cooking turns into an income earning source, the most basic question arises is how can I reach most of the people with my product?

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channel to reach millions of people at one time!

And we all use them, ie, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. And apart from these there are platforms, where people with common interests post, like and review products. For foodies, it’s Zomato – a restaurant search and discovery portal.

We’ll be specifically talking about Zomato.

Why Zomato?

Because people visit here to find most delicious food and desert options and it will be easier to target your audience here all at one place. You know whoever visits here, wants some delicious food.

People post reviews and views about the food and restaurants too, which indirectly affects goodwill of products. And reviews are one of the most important factors affecting purchasing decisions of a buyer.

Zomato is one of the biggest food discovery portals with 19 million visitors per month!

Let us see how we can optimize a small chocolate making business with Zomato:

  • First get your restaurant or outlet registered with Zomato
  • Asking reviews is good for your business. You can identify food bloggers on Zomato and invite them at your outlet to taste your deserts. Make sure you present the best of your food items because a single negative review can shoo away potential customers.
  • In return you can ask them write a review or blog describing their experience and rate your outlet on Zomato.
  • More reviews = higher the ratings = you can be on top of the list for bakery and deserts!
  • Don’t forget to appreciate good comments/reviews and respond to negative ones

So it’s this simple!

If you are not able to do it yourself, we are here to help!

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