Identify Your Buyer Persona

Identify Your Buyer PersonaCustomer is king, as always. But what if you fail to understand your right customer or simply miss it? It is not too exaggerating to say that many of us fail to study our target customer behaviour in the excitement of launching our product or service. As a result what we have is a wrongly positioned product where no digital marketing strategy is going to work.

In today’s complex world where buyer has too many options to buy from and with many influences in buying process, it is imperative to figure out your buyer persona. Creating a buyer persona not only validates your digital marketing mix, but it acts as a guide to your entire organization for a common understanding of the customer.

Shared below are the template to crystallize two aspects of the buyer persona, namely; characteristics and role in the decision making process.

Few attributes to detail for the persona of your buyer characteristics:

  • Personal (Age, Gender, Location, Marital Status, Family, Income)
  • Professional (Education, Job Title, Industry)
  • Online Behaviour (Access point, Favourite websites)
  • Product / Service Specific (Need, Expectations, Justified Price)
  • Core (Challenges, Aspirations, Trusted sources, Values, Attitude)

Chart below will help you dissect the roles played in the entire decision making process:


Leather Products Manufacturer sells his merchandize to major Hotel Chains (Project: New Year Gifts to elite customers)

RoleDescriptionLevel of Influence
InitiatorWho requests/initiates the needLow / Medium / High
InfluencerWho are consulted for the buying decisionLow / Medium / High
Decision-makerWho finalizes the buying decisionLow / Medium / High
BuyerWho actually places the orderLow / Medium / High
UserActual user of the productLow / Medium / High
GatekeeperWho have the power to route information from reaching key sourcesLow / Medium / High
ApproverWho approves the proposed buyLow / Medium / High


Roles can be overlapping. E.g. Same person can be a decision maker as well as Buyer
Not every sale cycle necessary has all the roles mentioned.
There could be multiple people performing the same role.