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Paarami has successfully generated 10,000+ leads & increased the batch size from 20 in 2015 to 500+ in 2018 for an training institute

Then (20 participants)

2015 V/S 2018

Now (500+ participants)


Stock Training Academy Client

I am a Financial Trader, Trainer and a Mentor. I have been conducting Stock Market seminars since 2008 and have trained over 1000 investors and traders. Most of my students had attended only through references without me having to take any marketing efforts.
When I met Sushant from Paarami, he made me realise the potential in the Training business and presented a marketing plan for the same.

After a few meetings with Sushant and his team, I was convinced that Paarami is the best ‘Sarathi’ (like Lord Krishna for Arjun in Mahabharata) for me to grow my business and brand Avadhut.
Paarami have developed my website www.avadhutsathe.com and are helping me in digital marketing.

They designed the website with the vision that it generates sustainable leads in the long run.
The whole work experience with Paarami team has been excellent. They are creative, innovative and result oriented. They have shown me the areas of business growth which I had never thought about. Sincerely admire their ideation and consulting experience.

I look forward to working further with new projects – Marketing Collateral , SEO , and digital marketing through various channels such as FB, Google, e-mail.

Thank you Paarami !! You rock

Avadhut Sathe, Financial Trader, Trainer and a Mentor