5 minutes Digital Marketing Crash Course by Paarami Digital

//5 minutes Digital Marketing Crash Course by Paarami Digital

5 minutes Digital Marketing Crash Course by Paarami Digital

It’s the last quarter of this financial year, we are sharing 8 Quickest Ways to Generate Hot leads for your business using Digital Marketing.

Ride on a News

Anything which is trending/breaking news, create an offer or content around it. Your offer will be visible to a lot of people who are searching for the trending news.

Sell content which relieves the pain of your customer

We recently created a unique content on ways to save money, more than 300 people downloaded it in a span of 10 days. You too can create a valuable content like this.

Sell through an Influencer

Find a person who has a huge following on social media. Pitch your product to him. If he finds it worthy to promote, you will make your product reach to millions of his followers. You may pay him based on the conversion. We did this for a website to sell membership and got over 3000 members through a Youtuber who has 1,25,000 people following him.

Online Advertisement

Social Advertisement: The Artificial Intelligence engine of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is very strong. Running a social media ad on these platforms will generate some immediate results. We have generated over 1700 enquiries for a client in Yacht Sailing Services using Instagram advertisement in just 35 days.

Search Engine Advertisement: Billions of searches are happening on Search Engines like Google. Make use of those for your business. For an educational institute, we started receiving leads in just 3 hours of a campaign going live on Google AdWords.

Industry Portal

Industry Portals draw a huge traffic. Ride on their traffic. You can submit some unique content on these portals OR You can advertise using these portals.

WhatsApp Marketing

To your close connects you can reach through WhatsApp. An average user checks the app approximately 23 times per day. For your information, India has the largest number of active users on WhatsApp among all the nations.

Irresistible offer

Create and Promote an irresistible offer for your prospect to come to you and not your competitor for his requirement. We suggested one of our clients sell residential Painting services on EMI and that became a reason for his customers to come to him and not his competitors.

Selling Through Marketplaces

Just like Industry Portals, marketplaces also draw a huge traffic. Website/App like Amazon.in generates over 1.7cr traffic every day. That’s huge. Start selling your products on Amazon.

We are sure, you will grow your business this financial quarter

Who are we?

  1. We at Paarami are in the business of Digital Marketing for over 6.5 years.
  2. We are one of the highest reviewed and rated agency in India.
  3. In Last 3 years, we have generated over 58000 business leads for our clients from over 125 countries.
  4. Recently we have been recognized among the 30 most valuable marketing services providers in India.

About the Author:

Sushant is a digital marketing professional having over 11 years of experience in sales & marketing.If you are looking for a practical solution for marketing your business, he is the right guy to approach to. Digital strategy consulting is his forte & many clients are enjoying their digital marketing success resulted out of his unique & unconventional marketing solutions.You can reach him at gaikwads@paarami.com / 9820066022